7-1Flying to Madrid from Toronto, my friend Zoey and I stopped in the gorgeous Lisbon, Portugal for one day. To be honest, Lisbon was never one of the cities I really desired to visit so going there, I was not expecting much. I was tired from the flight and could not wait to arrive in Madrid. Boy, was I wrong. Although we were only in Lisbon for one day and one night, it had placed a special place in my heart. The beautiful architecture, tons and tons of people on the streets – biking, jogging, laughing, having desserts and coffee, singing or dancing on almost every corner really made me fall in love with the city. My friend and I stayed at Mama’s Hostel and it was definitely an amazing experience. The staff was incredibly friendly, rooms were clean, and the owner of the hostel even cooked us dinner. Zoey and I attempted to see as much of the city as possible while also stopping for some dessert and a walk by the ocean. The city itself, weather, people, food, lifestyle was spectacular and I definitely hope to explore everything else that Portugal has to offer in the future.

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